Thought it would be fair and great to do a brief feedback review of LAKE CITY MADNESS that concluded amidst much madness and on the maddening eve of New Year. There were all together 6 bands that played on the day:LCM

MAHADEV: Facebook.
This was Mahadev’s debut gig and they were spot on. Blending the belligerence of alternative music and the grooviness of funk it never looked like it was their first show. The originals were great sounding and the band has a pretty exciting stage presence to add to the music that they played. All in all a great prospect for the future to check out.

Anautho Prasna is a Street Punk band and they were, well, PUNK on stage. Exciting thing about the band was that they know what they were doing and not just pretending to be Punks without the factual soul of this fantastic genre. Super politically charged and a lot of anger toward the system was found in adamant. A few hours more in the practice room, honing individual playing skills and few more gigs, my money is on the band any given day!

KAAL: Facebook.
This Slam Death Metal band is must check out for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you follow this particular genre or not. They are please to witness live with all the raw energy and good musicianship that they convey to the crowd. Great slamming riffages and remarkable drumming passages, they were one of the highlight of the evening.

DAANAV: Facebook.
They had a pretty forgettable evening with glitches written all over their set but one notable aspect was the one fixed genre that they are finally following. If you have seen their sets in the past than you will figure out what I meant. They are pretty decent musicians and their original was prominent too and now with a proper direction they can only get better in future shows.

I really don’t understand why they cover songs when they have superb originals. Both of their compositions namely ‘Born in Silence’ and the other one which I forget the title of were terrific but the band really need to work out on their guitar tone which were out of places on most of the occasions. Also I must add, the vocalist is improving with each gigs but still need to save his energy throughout their slot as most of the time he seems to be losing the grip over his vocals towards the ending of their slot, may be few vocal exercise would do good for him. The drummer had a great set and really seems to be enjoying bashing the skins like a mad man.

The moment you think that there is no new thing to speak about this band, you will find plenty to speak about right after you witness them live. One of the finest Death Metal act that you will find in the country, this band always deliver no matter what set up you give them. A great combo of demented guitar riffs, fast and fearsome solos with blast beats from hades and the growl that will haunt you in daylight, that has mixed homogeneously over the course of time that they have been playing together.  BroOtal.



  1. Somewhere else -Born is silence the other original….

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