Anautho Prashna is a Pokhara based Punk Rock band that was formed in 2012. Politically charged and angry the band derives its influence from bands like Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, Minor Threat, Conflict, SNMD, MDC to local acts like Rai ko Ris and I2ST.

Currently the band consists of:
Samman (guitar/vocal)
Sagar (bass/vocal)
Kushal (drum/vocal)

-On how did the band started, Samman explains ‘ I was very impressed by Dead Kennedys when I first hear them around 3/4 years back  then I started listening to other bands like Conflict, Minor Threat and they left a huge influence in me in terms of positive ideologies and then I had a desire to start a (New wave of)  Punk scene in Pokhara/Nepal’. He further adds ‘ Sometime in 2012 I met a drummer and we used to jam as a two piece band but no one liked the noises we were making nor they liked our lyrics. We used to have different bassist in different gigs but we have, now, found a permanent bassist in Kushal who thankfully has some knowledge about Punk Rock’

anautho prasna

Punk Rock in Kathmandu is better compare to here in Pokhara. ‘Punk rock vanyo vane ta Greenday or Blink 182 ki Sum 41 vani halcha, k vanne aba yaha hahaha’ he expresses his dissatisfaction on the current state of Punk Rock scene in Pokhara but gets little hopeful and adds ‘there was another hardcore punk band here called “Pitchcurry” but they are kinda taking a short hiatus but will come back soon. I hope people here will understand the true meaning and the true spirit of punk in coming days….’

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