Band: Various (Ugra Karma, Binaash, Jugaa, Kali X Gula, Foreskin, Sangharsha, Terrifyer) cover
Country: Nepal, USA, Pakistan, Unknown.
Genre: Death Metal, Hardcore, Thrash etc
Album: Ghalazat
Released: June 2013
Label: Online.

Well Ghalazat has finally released and it was hard to dismiss the hype that surrounded it prior to its release as deceitfully claptrap as this compilation has some really good band that can guarantee you a neck-wrenching assault or probably something more.

This release also embarks the return of Ugra Karma with their first single, Dang Dung (Disorder Lust) in more than a decade and this song has their idiosyncratic distinctiveness stamped all over it. Fast, straight, short and old school, this is a striking comeback with song and sound of unerring quality.  Binaash with ‘Ancient Moot’ brings the ‘socially fun element’ in Brutal Death Metal and not many bands can do that. Also, I believe they are not aware of one of the famous line by Gandhi that goes something like ‘There’s more to life than increasing its speed’ even if they do they simply have forgotten about this quote while making Ancient moot. Horrendously fast, headbanging to it can displace your head organs.

‘Eternal Sleep’ by Jugaa takes the compilation to a whole new level of aggression and hate. An angry blend of Hardcore and Metal collides into a chaotic riffage battering. Then; next, there is this obscure band unknown as Kali X Gula who nails the compilation with both of their song ‘Kali Mai’ and ‘Shakti Kapoor’. Gulshan Kumar (goggled it and found out that this gentleman was dead way before goggle was even born) even came from the dead to mix and master their tracks. Hmmm!!!  The US based band Sangharsha put forward slower and more ominous riffs resulting into a sulphur dense-smoke  doomy environ interestingly titled  ‘Chik De’.

The Paki THVGS Foreskin pledges allegiance to the ‘Anti Kvlt’ and exhibits a pattern of aggressive crossover thrash and so does ‘Terrifyer’ with their two tracks ‘Mortal Enemy’ and ‘Urban Wasteland’, all of which are worthy of more than a couple of repeated listening.

Ghalazat, is here to drown you deep inside the sludge of filth. Nine unrelenting tracks, this is already one of the highlight of the year.

Stream here:

Download for free here:


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