Shannon Scam recently performed in Pokhara to mark their 10th year of lazy survival. Currently, as heard from various sources, the band is still continuing and in process to record their much-anticipated mini EP which we hope will be released before they turn 20!

We caught up with Asis, the ultimate ROCKSTAR BASHER for a short little chat and it somehow turned out to be the most fun one that we have done in a while now:

Hey, first up congrats for the 10year anniversary. How does it feel to survive this long, though we know the band has gone several lineup changes during these years?
–  Thank you but it feels nothing actually.  We are the band with NO dreams and we’re not even musicians. Go figure.

How do you describe the band’s existence for all these years?1002448_551776581547387_1653603498_n
–   Overdose of passion with an extra chunk of lazyness .

You had your 10th year anniversary party in Disharmony 4, Pokhara. Why did you choose to do it here rather than in Lalitpur. There was THC fest a day before Disharmony 4 but unfortunately the show got screwed by some unavoidable circumstances.
–  No idea. Just to make the trip more exciting maybe. Yeah, fuck Traces Of You.

Pokhara is known less for its Hardcore taste and more for Metal and this was seen during your set in Disharmony 4. Though the crowd absolutely enjoyed your set but there were less of Circle Pit/Pogos. Did you guys enjoy your set?
–  We had absolute fun, but one of the regular guy at our shows who had a hard time with his neck claimed that it was his first time ever that he got involved in head-banging  at  Shannon Scam show. Funny shit.

There’s been rumor/myth’s circulating for quite some time now that Shannon Scam is recording an EP.  Can we believe that?
– We’re working on three brand new songs  [18 angels of shame], [shelter] & [Smile to the lifeless idol] but promises are bitch, myths only looks good on stories,  rumors always sounds funny and believing is a crime.

Nepal needs a badass Hardcore record. If the band is coming out with anything than what can we expect from it?
–  Expectations are bitch too.

 SS has changed it sound from Punk Rock to Hardcore. I was thinking why you didn’t choose your sound to be more ‘Metallic’ i.e Metallic Hardcore. The sound is of course easier for Metal kids to relate to and then probably get more popular here.
– We don’t do this to please people or to comfort someone’s ears.   It’s all about different influences that comes along and whatever we want to do with it. We love old school thrash but then again we love old school hip hop too, expressing oneself is beyond everything else and to follow certain genre is stupid.  Sometimes we have something to say so we play, most of the times we got nothing to say but we still play. When things get organized or planned then it all starts to get boring! Nothing is absolute. Everything is larger than life. Fuck rules, make rules, fuck with our rules again and this is where you meet fun.1044796_551772554881123_1119657498_n

Talking about getting popular; why is Shannon Scam so underground?
–  We thought the plastic vampires with shiny weird guitars and flashy gears and shit, brutal-cute guys faking- death-metal-coz-it’s-the-trend   and cyber-nerd-ass-bedroom-hardcore-yuppies are the ones whos underground. Or the underground gig flyer you see on the National News Paper Daily is? No frigging idea!

I have heard that the band is not into playing big fest even if paid handsomely? Is it true?
–  We avoid big shows but those people with corporate dreams and hopes should understand that we’ll even play for a bag of weed or for nothing. With that money they can go get some cosmetic wearing dragons and Draculas, amuse people and get filthy rich!

Do you think Nepal’s so called Underground scene has lots of self proclaimed ‘Rockstars’?
–   Inspirational figures/bands of the so called underground scene, the scene claimers,   we-got-money-and-we-like-to-be-metallica-and-score-some-chicks bands, FUCK YOU ALL! So called Underground scene on itself is rockstar to the bones!

Alright shits apart tell us after the show who gets to score with the girls?
–  the  rockstars.

Hey thanks for the time. Any last shout outs?
–  To all those who come to our shows, share good times and good joint and to all the people who don’t give a fuck.  Thank you.


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