Solar Deity (India) reveals track list and announces release date of Devil Worship

India’s most revered black metal band Solar Deity have announced Sunday, 1st September 2013 as the release date of their third burnt track list band release dateoffering, Devil Worship. The new EP is a sequel to the Satanic outfit’s debut, In the Name of Satan, and the follow-up to last year’s atmospheric masterpiece, The Darkness of Being.


The track list is as follows:


1. Raise The Horns

2. Supreme Evil

3. Through The Hallways Of Narak


The band, comprising of Aditya Mehta (vocals/guitar) and Animesh ‘Asmo’ Das (bass), has said that the new release is as intense as their previous material, but much darker. The artwork, designed by Aakash Dwivedi, will be revealed on the day of the release.


Devil Worship has been produced by Ashwin Shriyan (bassist of Demonic Resurrection and Reptilian Death) at Mindmap Studio, is being mastered by Daniel Kenneth Rego (Demonic Resurrection), and will be available for free download via Nephalist Recordings.


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