Band: When Stories End WSE
From: India
Genre: Deathcore
Album: Insidious (EP)
Released: June 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

This is a big time to be playing in a Deathcore band, as the bandwagon of the particular genre is in its peak but playing simply doesn’t guarantee that you are good and will be valued. You need to be actually good to be measured worthy.  “When Stories End’ is one such band that has done everything right with their debut EP to be taken with seriousness.  The songs are very well structured with brilliant flow galvanized by some fanatical breakdowns and equally striking instrumental prowess by individual members, the band never sounds nervous or naïve for their first presentation.  The guitars accentuate angry tone intermingled with some melodic notes and the keys add a great deal of depth and heaviness. ‘Knees’ is a brilliant first track that represents what the band is really capable of serving and the things just gets better after that with very catch tunes of ‘whatthefock’ and ‘Bitch’. The final track ‘Bankai’ which was released as a demo track from the Ep is probably one of the strongest track from the record.

Insidious’ deserves a big thumb up and I have nothing but all praise for this brilliant release.  The exhilarating EP demonstrates aggression, melody, crisp and punchy production and an attitude that can give anyone a run for their money. A must check.

Check ‘When Stories End’ on facebook.

-Zivon Gurung


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