Band: Solar Deity
From: India
Genre: Satanic Black MetalCOVER
Album: Devil Worship (EP)
Released: August 2013
Label: Nephalist Recordings.
Rating: 8/10

Solar Deity has habitually flirted more with the satanic premise than any of their fellow Indian Black Metal peers for quite some time now. It was their 2012 released EP ‘The Darkness of Being’ that got me in to the Deity sphere and honestly I quite like it there. ‘Devil Worship’ ’, sequel to their debut EP ‘In the Name of Satan’, is a clear-cut approach to nail the literal sound that they want to deliver, not trying too hard to do anything spectacular. ‘Raise the Horn’ and ‘Through the Hallway of Narak’ justifies that vividly, the latter is a track that will thrill any fans that follows the nebulous and raw Black Metal sound.  It forms a musical summation that consolidates all that glorious sound that the genre is known for.  ‘Supreme Evil’ is another brilliant composition but with a little shift in their sound, a mid paced Old school Death Metal influenced track made somewhat similar in the vein of the new  Watain. It’s for you to draw out your version of conclusion on this genre mixed up.

Devil Worship can be considered a well produced and yet another impressive offering by Solar Deity and with this their musical trajectory continues to cause havoc and enthrallment at the same time.

-Zivon Gurung

You can download the EP FOR FREE HERE:


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