Bidroha, the forerunner flag bearer of Thrash Metal in Nepal, is finally all set to release their debut full length ‘Suffer Till Death’ and we arejust as excited as all of you are so we decided to catch up with the band and talk about the release.  We caught up with Bisal (bass, Vocals) and Saurab (Guitars, Vocals) for a quick chat and here’s how it went;

Hey, how’s it going with the band? You guys must be all excited for ‘Suffer till Death’, band’s debut FL?

–          Indeed, we are very much excited about our Debut Album “Suffer Till Death” as we have put in our best in it and it is like a dream come true to us. And about the band, we are currently focused towards the final stages of production of our album and doing some occasional practice sessions as we have some gigs coming our way!!!954842_629015560477235_1625025867_n

Tell us what should we expect from the album?

–          The album, “Suffer Till Death” is going to be a full fledge thrash metal attack to all the metal heads out there which includes non-stop killer riffs, drum beats and mind boggling solos.

BIDROHA is the only proper Thrash Metal band in Nepal right now.  How do you guys take it? Do you think this will benefit the album in anyway?

–          Well, we can take it as both advantage and disadvantage at the same time; as many people here are not Thrash Metal fanatics these days coz we can see lots of people are inclined towards other sub genres of metal. But at the same time, it might prove to be a great surplus; as many people have forgotten the taste of OLD SCHOOL THRASH METAL here in Nepal.

The band has been in studios  for quite some time now but what’s taking it so long to come out with its first record?

–          Hahaha… we can’t tell you the exact reason behind it as even we are unaware what happened to the recording process but, nevertheless, the album is coming your way soon!!!

Share with us the recording experience. How was it? Did you guys have fun during the whole process?

–          Undoubtedly, the whole recording process was fun! It is always fun and exciting to see your baby grow day-by-day isn’t it? Similarly, we had lots of fun watching all our songs come to life together!!!

– 1375008_631565423555582_811673609_n          

Do you think in a place like Nepal where the market for Metal music is so limited, it is wise to come out with a physical format album? In most cases the album sales don’t even cover the recording expenses.

–          Actually, we really don’t expect to cover our recording expenses through album sales. Since, we are not doing it for money but for our passion towards music and we want our existence to be felt in years to come! So, we think we are doing it good.

You guys are playing at ‘Burning the Pentagram 1’ (Ktm) and the 2nd leg to be held in Pokhara on 21st Sep. Will the album be released before these shows? (We are really hoping that it will be released on the show)

–          We haven’t yet decided to release the album before the shows!! “Burning Pentagram 1” is being postponed again and again but we might be releasing the album after Dashain!!


What do you think is important for promotion of albums, not only of Bidroha’s but basically all Nepalese new releases, we obviously have very limited market and not enough media to spread the news.

–          Taking in consideration today’s vast world of social media networking, the most important thing for the promotions of albums would be Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & others. In addition, we also can opt for different gigs/e-zines/magazines and word of mouth for the promotion of our stuffs.

Alright, tell us what inspires BIDROHA’s music?165544_171052806273515_3627055_n

–          Well, we all have our own tastes in music. But when it comes to BIDROHA, our music is mainly inspired by thrash metal legends like Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Exodus etc and our lyrical inspiration comes from within our society/the political instabilities.

Few different cities tour is in line for BIDROHA, we hope you will have a good album release tour and hopefully BRUTAL POKHARA crew will catch you guys up in one of the tour. We wish you all the best for the album. Any last shout outs?

–           Firstly, thank you very much for your wishes; we will look forward to meet up with BRUTAL POKHARA Crew one more time! And, we would like to thank all our supporters who helped us to come this far in this journey. Thank you very much for appreciating our work. Lastly we would like you all to do one more favor to us by buying our CD/Merchandise and come to our live shows to get THRASHED! Jai Nepal!!! \m/ \m/



  1. Nabin Paingi · · Reply

    Wow Gr8 composition very aggressive..Jai METAL \’m’/

    1. Indeed. Please share. \,,/

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