Band: Broken Hymen1011411_550246175011121_1858269928_n
From: Nepal
Album: Shrouded by Death (EP)
Genre: Death Metal
Label: None
Released: July 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer: Zivon Gurung

To begin with ‘Shrouded by Death’ creates an appealing and an out-and-out affair that touches the proper essence of Death Metal. Barely a year old Broken Hymen’s debut EP has already created a stir in the local scene of the tiny Himalayan Nation of Nepal.  Containing 3 tracks there isn’t much you can complain about beside few production glitches but the band’s energy and the way they have delivered their work  is substantially massive and the songs just sheers through your ears offering you a grandiose dose of extreme metal. Drum works impresses greatly and the monstrous tremolo picked/ groovy riffs complements very well and the guitar solos really adds that extra sparks to the songs that are much missed in most of the modern DM records these days.  The track ‘Butchered Corpse Metamorphosis’ explains what the band is really capable of delivering, it hits you like a deliberate cruel Death attack when you are begging for your last mercy.  The closing track ‘Dimension of Obliteration’ tries to sound different with its Black Metal influenced riffages but the ep is just about the 1st two songs which have those somewhat winning elements that surpass most of the expectations for a debut effort.


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