Band: Djinn & Miskatonicdjinnandmiskatonic-foreverintherealm5
From: India
Genre: Doom
Album: Forever in the Realm
Label: Transcending Obscurity, India

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewer: Zivon Gurung

That’s a colorful album cover; may give you a more stoner vibe but this album by the Indian Doomsters ‘Djinn & Miskatonic ‘is unquestionably very grim and doomful and they have delivered this evil with utmost pleasure. The evocatively fanatical jammy riffs proudly drivers the flow of the whole album and the well mixed drums and the overtly distressing vocals compliments well to give you nightmares.

‘7 year witch’ sets the perfect opening, blessed with discordant chanting, slow dense doomy riff,  malignant vocals and the groovy buildup is very well executed and so is its follow up track ‘Book of the Fallen’. The bass lines, over the whole album, are such that they deliver a solid bowel-melting heavy sound, listen to Vulcane’s Forge and that will give you a clear idea of this discussion.

In a region where this particular genre is much overlooked ‘Forever in the Realm’ serves it purpose of creating an interesting patchwork of sound that is doomy,  heavy and groovy at the same time and this may dust off the haze from lots of listeners and make them more open to other music alternatives.  A fucking brilliant  release.
For fans of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Cathedral etc.


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