Hatevomit hails from Turkey and they play uncompromising Black/Death Metal which they like to term as Vomit Metal. I recently caught up with Damnare, the frontman of the band and this is what we talked about:

Hey Damnare, infernal hails from Nepal.  How is it going and tell us what’s your fav thing to hate these days?

-Actually, I hate bureaucracy these days.   3540356631_logo

Alright, just for the formality and a little info to our readers tell us about the kind of music that you play.

– We play vomiting metal of death ! If you want then you guys can call it black/death metal as well.


Hatevomit has already released a split with Rapevomit (Split w/Rape) and a demo ‘Drown in Vomit’. How is the response to these materials? I see so many Hatred and Evilness in it.

–  Yes,we have released two different material ; one of them  was a pro-cdr released with Rape (my guitarist’s other project) and ‘’Drown in Vomit’’ tape, both of them were sold almost 250 copies (actually we traded too much ,lol)Feedbacks from majority of people are really positive but I personally don’t like our first materials because of lack of recording quality and un-professional compositions,it was just a begining for me….

Well we can see the band is yet again ready to strike with a new split ‘Trigon of Blasphemy’ Split w/Impaler of Pest and Satan’s Propaganda. Tell us about it and the other bands.

– Yes,it should have been already released but we have some problem with connection between bands and label. Impaler of Pest from Colombia ,they play black metal like Anteaus/Beherit with bestial and sick and other band from Germany is called Satan’s Propaganda,they are playing black’n roll metal sounds like Bewitched and Impaled Nazarene. We are contacting randomly on the internet. You know I am running a printed zine “Total Death” they inboxed me and i contacted them as I really like their sound and offered a split album work then Camilo also asked if Satan’s Propaganda could join us and we agreed, that’s all. I am looking forward for that fucking cd in my hands.1384100_167560753438472_1637280348_n

The band displays much hate and rebellion towards the religion. What are your thoughts on those who are religiously deluded?

– Actually pressure of religions is like a ‘’must’’ for all societies in the world, it is simply about manipulating, minimizing freedom  and ruling on people,’’ that is sin, that is good’’ etc. It is all about being pussies, generally these kinds of religious domination are observed in the societies which are culturally and intellectually weak. For instance,you can see that kind of religious ruling/dominating societies and countries are in middle east and of course in my country. Islam is a tremendous terror for all humanity and the people of our area, Islam is  introduced to people as a peace and comfort by the brainwashed followers and by the help of those kinds of lies,people are deceived easily but it is just all about limiting mind and freedom! For me, all religions and gods are fictionized by people to rule and to manipulate each other easily!

And do you think religion is needed or at all necessary?

-In my opinion religion(s) is/are not a necessary for anyone! As I mentioned above, all these craps are just  useful tools  for ruling on people by states, kings etc. There would have been less wars and less killings if this religion would have never been invented. The most bloody wars and slaughters are directly related to this nonesense crap! Religion fact is/was used by ruling class and for now of course by western capitalists! You see the religious terrorism shown on tv everyday, they use it to invade and to exploit sources and humans!

Being from an Islamic country like Turkey what religious beliefs are the average regular persons forced to withhold during their growing up process? Musically you defy all these believes but how hard is it for you to stand firm on your anti religion perspectives? I asked this because many people think that Islam is the most conservative religion of all, which to most can only be a misconception.

– Firstly I must mention that I am ashamed for all political islam in my country as a citizen and human being. Capitalism and Islam are hand in hand now and a strange and horrific ideology dominates our country away from any intellectual and rationalistic notion. This islamic government lies people that their government makes economy and stability higher and more powerful and attracts non-educated and opportunist people to their political party, this government manipulates these high rates of stupid and non-educated muslim population to make pressure on rationalized and intellectual people in all fields of country.They have created a society which were based on hateful islamic bullshits, they have made people enemies against each other under the discourses of islamic and ethnical notions , Erdogan and his political party is the only faschistic and islamic party in western democracy and The States and EU use them for their benefits.1466075_537351773013882_1072097167_n

Nowadays this kind of Akp terrorizing continues on secterian tension, you know there are different ways of this none-sense islam. Fights and  tensions are what these islamic morons introduces and creates. They use effectively different Islamic religious orders in their ranks to invade all democratic institutions of Turkish state and trust me they are like a bunch of Islamist mob and  the facts we face are a huge loss of secular state and democracy. Anyway, this corruption effects people like us much more than anyone, we ‘’metalheads’’ are much more marginal for their idiotic ‘’ideology’’, we feel that Islamic pressure on us are much more in last 10 years.

We absolutely and definetly as Hatevomit are against all religions and much more we are here to fight against Islam. We are not a band like chauvanistic bunch of dickheads,maybe another band from here just say ‘’we support death no matter what it comes from ’’ NO,we are here to tell our words and ideology!!!We are against all morons and embecils who are here in our backyard at first!

Alright! now that we know your view on religion,  give us a little insight on the Turkish underground scene. What can we expect from the scene in the days to come?

– There is NO underground scene in here,there are only the kids who believe( or hope ahaha) themselves that they are ‘’underground’’ . Here we only see the dickheads or rich family kids who propogate themselves as underground and ‘’trve cult satanists’’ to the other bunch of dickheads and kids. That’s all!!! I have no hope from this scene because I give no fuck for those posers! If these dickheads are in a hot spot, I just stoke under of it more and more!

 And how hard is it for a band to get a show there?

– It is hard in this way ; there is no single person who devotes himself to a band and life style. So there are no qualified band member around! We were 2 devoted persons in this band;Unholy plays guitars and I do vocals and we used drum-machines in our first  records but fortunately Revolt joined us as a drummer but he lives in Cyprus and he records drums there.So we can not give any live shows because of this situation for now.

 Can we expect any live shows from Hatevomit in the near future?


Alright Damnare, tell us is the kind of music that you listen/make affects the way you live?

I am a metal music maniac who is now 30 years old and I am a fan of black,death and thrash metal over 15 years and I listen mainly these styles of bands but you know I have a zine and webzine,by the way ,I listen bands  of every genre of extreme metal  everyday and unfortunately I can not advise or say any band name to you because lots and lots of bands,you know.  I can only say that Celtic Frost,Impaled Nazarene,Sodom,Carpathian Forest,Sarcofago and many more bands effected me musically!

What disks are you spinning these days?

As I mentioned above there are lots of albums I listen and I love it.  Just grab Total Death magazine ( and visit and enjoy!

 Well thank you for your time.  Any hate speech in the end?

Thanks! ! !  Listen and vomit ! ! !


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