NUNSLAUGHTER is one band that will always have a special place in my heart. They never had an uber successful album nor  they play sold out stadium concerts but one thing that they have done better than most of the greatest bands of all time is that they have stick themselves  to their roots of evil and profanity for all these years. They never cared to create radio friendly songs nor have they hesitated to call their songs the worst songs ever written but despite this staying alive for more than 2 decade needs some kind of extra tint.
Recently I got a chance to text interview DON OF THE DEAD for Total Death Fanzine (Turkey) and now you can read the same here:

Zivon: Hello Don, it’s so good to have you here on Total Death Fanzine. What are you slaughtering beside Nuns these days?

DON OF THE DEAD: My liver.int-nunslaughter-don_of_the_dead

It’s ‘been hell of a Christ killing satanic ride for Nun Slaughter since it was formed in ’87. How does it feel after so many years and still doing what you love most?

I did not even see this coming. It all happened because Sadist decided to join and stay with nunslaughter all these years.  I am proud to travel and bring our metal to other countries.

The band has undergone so many lineup changes since its formation. How has it affected the band if it has in anyways?

The only side effect is that we are not able to retain all the songs that we do live and play more live shows. Other than that the main writers have been myself and Sadist. We keep making the metal.

If we look at the band releases then there are so many Ep/Demos/Splits/Compilations but only 3 FL. We had to wait more than a decade to finally get Hell’s Unholy Fire as bands’ 1st official full Length.  What took it so long?

I never wanted to do a full length album.  I wanted to only do 7”s but eventually Sadist convinced me to do a full length. We have another one on the way.

NunSlaughter has kept such a low profile but has so much respect and love in the underground scene. Don, did you ever feel that Nun’s music should go to much wider audience or did you ever feel like making music for the mass and sell out?

None of this was planned or contrived. Our hearts are entrenched in the underground. It is not a goal or objective of this band to be popular.

The band has survived all the trends in Metal and still sticking to its roots. How do you describe this incredible journey?

Difficult at best. We have had advice from so many people and labels about how to change so more people like NunSlaughter. Hell it was even suggested that we write less blasphemous songs. We have not and will not change.

When you first started this band did you ever thought that the slaughtering would continue this long and has there been any poignant incident along the way?

Never thought I would still be doing this band so many years later. The most important event was meeting Sadist at a show. Without him wanting to continue NunSlaughter would not exist.devil metal

How about fans? Have they been good all along?

Amazingly enough some people are still around that I would trade tapes with. That is almost 30 years behind us and we are still here. That says a ton about who they are and how metal music has affected our lives.

What has been the highest point of your career so far? And what’s your ambition as a musician at this point of time?

A few of the high points were getting to share the stage with VENOM. Playing Tokyo Japan and getting to fuck my first groupie.  All are highlights.

Has the music you been doing effected the way to think or the way you live your life?

Yes both in a positive and negative way. Negative because finding a job looking the way I do and needing lots of time off is difficult to do.
In the positive light it has given me direction to live my life. I am forever grateful for metal music.

If taken back to time and you are given an option to nail Christ again where would you nail him first?

I believe it was done correctly the first time….after all he is dead.

Alright, it’s been great to have you with us, hopefully we will get to see a FL coming our way soon, do we have any chances of that in near future?

DAMN Ive been trying to get a few shows in FL for many years but it just does not seem to materialize. As of now no plans but if a promoter out there wants to contact me do it.

Thank you so much again for your time. Any last shout outs?




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