Band: Puteraeon1619367_10152221804901730_2062849488_n
From: Sweden
Album: The Crawling Chaos
VÖ: 25.04.2014
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Label: Cyclone Empire


The Swedes PUTERAEON are here again and in April 2014, they have released their latest album called “The Crawling Chaos“ via Cyclone Empire.

These gents celebrates Death Metal. The listener gets here what they demands i.e Old School Death Metal, No more-No less right in the face without any technical folderol or experiments. Classical Death Metal riffs ally with a powerful drumming to a deadly musical mixture which packs a punch. The forceful bass-lines reinforce darkness and also aggressiveness of “ The Crawling Chaos“. The listener receives very little opportunity to breathe air at least by melodic riffs and samples inserted now and then but not to be mislead here that PUTERAEON sound soft. All ten songs doesn’t loose at any time, its bite and hardness. The dark, emphatic growls of vocalist and guitarist Jonas Lindblood do one last thing to manifest hardness and darkness. Very professionally recorded I can only recommend PUTERAEON to each and everyDeath Metal fan!!!!


Battlepig / Claudia


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