Band: Rahu329082
From: Finland
Album: The Quest For The Vajra Of Shadows
VÖ: 18.04.2014
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions


1.Ordeal Of X
2.Samudra Manthan
3.Kalas Bleed For The Sun-Eater
4.The Serpent King
5.Sceptre Of The Auspicious One


The Finnish duo RAHU has just released their first full-length cd called “The Quest For The Vajira Of Shadows“ and it is distriuted via Ahdistusken Aihio Productions.

What can I expect here? Old School Black Metal, pitch-black and full of emotions. Icecold riffs which are full of hate and beauty result in the base frame. This seemingly contradiction is however none! Accentuated of a powerful drumming and hard bass-lines it directsa a journey of no return in unknown depths of evil and hell and the emotional growls of vocalist and drummer Kobalt manifest loneliness and depression. A very intense, oppressive musical journey. Synthesizer solemn melodies can’t lighten the misanthropic, oppressive atmosphere. What remains is a Black Metal album which perfectly carries the spirit of the 90-ies into the year of 2014. Here is buying duty!!!!



Battlepig / Claudia


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