Band: Enthronedenthroned
From: Belgium
Genre: Black Metal
Album: Sovereigns
Label: Agonia Records
Released: April 2014

ENTHRONED are the old hands of the Belgium Black Metal and probably, also, one of the most controversial bands in this respective genre. The band will release in April 2014 their, by now, tenth studio album which is called “Sovereigns“ via Agonia Reords.
In this album the gents offer us heavy and modern food with halting riffs which are hard to beat concerning darkness come upon primordial Black Metal and the little short of inhuman fast doubleblast drumming reinforces hardness and coldness of the songs. Riddled with several slower passages originates a pitch-black and very independent musical mixture which is loaded for the kill. Small Noise insertions and seemingly chaotic riffs gives “Sovereigns“ the  typical ENTHRONED experience.
Nevertheless the all in all nine songs never loose its Black Metal base frame. Supported by the distinctive voice of vocalist and lead guitarist Nornagest, the listener is led into icecold realms of the bizarre kind. “Sovereigns” is no easy to consume cd but everyone expects this already from the band. The songs discloses their multifacetedness only after repeated listening. Very professionally recorded the songs have that bite and sustainability to grab you by the throat. The band have planned big things with this album and they are able to implement it perfectly. ENTHRONED are successful and known as one of the few bands to play modern Black Metal in the year 2014 without sacrificing its darkness. Absolutely must-buy!!!!
Author: Battle Pig/Claudia
Rating: 9/10

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