Band: AposentoAposento - Aposento
Album: Aposento
Genre: Death Metal
From: Spain
Label: Xtreem Music

Aposento is a Spanish Death Metal band from the early ‘90s. Unfortunately the band couldn’t release any full length albums back in the day and broke up. Nonetheless, the band released a couple of demos, and upon reuniting, a couple of EPs as well but it’s only now that the band has released its debut full length under the banner of Xtreem Music. Personally, I’m almost tired of new bands attempting to play old school Death Metal – there’s nothing like the old guys understanding the essence of that style and playing it naturally than kids getting in the studio and contriving to sound somewhat like that. There’s a difference you see and in this case it’s quite apparent. Aposento has more substance than many of such aesthetic-driven bands put together. And it sounds as relevant as any Death Metal music out there.

This isn’t some slow, dragging music doled out under the pretext of washed out old school legends releasing an album. No sir, this is something that will kick the shit out of even the modern bands in terms of speed and drive. I daresay it will even give them a run for their money, especially the ones trying too hard. Aposento has roots in the primitive style of Death Metal comparable to the likes of early Massacre, Cannibal Corpse, Master, even Benediction – it’s that meat and potatoes kind of Death Metal. It’s got this Thrash vibe to it as well which renders the proceedings lively. There’s hardly any slow shit here. It’s just raging and blasting Death Metal music with the emphasis on delivering pure riffy Death Metal than anything else. Everything else takes a backseat.

This kind of riffy Death Metal has come from around the world. I could liken it to Monstrosity circa ‘In Dark Purity’ for its riff-oriented meatiness and equally, to the Brazilian legends Headhunter D.C. It’s the kind of Death Metal that will never lose its appeal. It’s the basis of this genre. There’s this inherent rabidity which is reminiscent of South American bands, mostly early Sepultura. Just combine all the cited bands and imagine a potent and highly competent band delivering Death Metal. It’s bound to please you, unless you’re a stickler for technicality or brutality or modern pit grooves. Or you could thrash like a maniac, throw your horns up frantically and just bang your head off in classic style.

Aposento has delivered an album late in its career but going by the quality, better late than never I’d say. It’s a reminder of how good Death Metal can sound with the heart being in the right place.

-Kunal Choksi




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