Band: Imperial CultFolder
From: India
Genre: Blackened Death
Album: Rise of Yalambar
Label: Unsigned
Released: July 2014

Rating: 8/10

Find the band here: IMPERIAL CULT


‘Rise of Yalamber’ comes from the maw of the queen of the hills that is known to produce the elitist of musicians over the extended period of time but when it comes to metal the land is somewhat disregarded despite having many bands that can hit it big. This band, Imperial Cult, however wants to change that and they have self declared their splendidly ghastly arrival with this debut EP ‘Rise of Yalamber’.

‘Rise of…’ have managed to amalgamate both the fierce and melodic tunes together, mixing galloping rhythms of old school black/death metal sound and melodic solos topped off with an aggressive edge that will surely hop you for few repetitive listen.  Black Stone and The Abomination are the particular highlights where as the title track, more than anyother songs in the ep, is the one song that fairly falls into to the whole blackened death metal aesthetic. The production quality reasonably justifies the sound of the band too giving the release a solid push.

‘Rise of Yalamber’ is an impressive display of various influences nicely knitted and combined across four different tracks, might take you sometime to bond with but giving it a chance is worth it.

—-Zivon Gurung


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