RIP OFF represents the handful of bands in the sub-continent that plays the genre ‘Grindcore’. Know for its over the top sarcastic lyrics and stage antics the band have surely offended quite a lot of people along the way but this is the least thing that the band cares about and they don’t seem to show any respect to anyone in the near future either. 

Our man Nikhil caught up with the band to discuss about quite a lot of things including their much anticipated Nepal Tour in September 2015. Read of Fuck Off! 

How did you guys meet up and What got you into Grind ?

We met Pramod through Pranaw (ex pisakas) and at the time we were just hanging around and chilling out but when Pranaw left, Pisakas was sort of crippled. Then we decided to form a band together. It was after a lot of chilling out and smoking that we came out with the name Rip Off to talk truth and some shit about the things around us. Grind has been part of our journey for a long time now although we didn’t expect anyone to really pick up on what we were doing.


How did you link up with the scene in Nepal ?

Since there isn’t much of an underground movement here in India anywhere, it’s all just scattered bits and pieces everywhere and everyone wants to bite; not a lot to follow here. We have followed bands and friends from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc for a long time now. In fact any good bands come up we feel proud!! So its an ongoing relationship with many friends in Nepal as well as other places.

Undergind was a good chance for us to meet many people. Most memorable of which is the Wakk Thuu visit in Nov 2013. We met with Vishal as well who is one crazy guy. Nude Terror also had a good time here with us we are sure, Vile Fest 1, 2014.

What does the lyrics deal with ? and Whats up with the bacon actually ? Who comes up with such fleshy pudgy ideas ?

Lyrics are mostly ironic and sarcastic themes that are from our experiences in the local scene and elsewhere. Bacon has become really expensive nowadays, people prefer bacon to pork meat from a slaughterhouse, well fuck that, fuck the bacon dealers. Similarly there are bacon dealers around who shamelessly rip people off, most of who are just kids. Bacon is more of a euphemism for the commercialization of underground music where bands look to sell stuff rather than focusing on EPs, Albums and singles.

We get stoned except our bassy who doesn’t really need to get stoned, and just talk about things, about monkeys who see other other monkeys eat shit and then they too think they should eat shit, we also rely on our stoner friends to give us some catchy ideas. We are always on the lookout for dirt that we can throw around.10369593_407671836067818_1371121387156090681_n

Any particular bands you guys have drawn influences from?

Anal Cunt, Melancholy Pessimism, Swans, Cephalic Carnage, Insect Warfare, Terrorizer, Defeated Sanity, Dripping, Wakk Thuu, the list really goes on..

You come from the place where reputed bands like Kreator, Iced Earth, Destruction has already kicked off ? Regardless, how is the undersized local underground scene ?

Undergrind was one of the only yearly shows dedicated to grind and death metal, there are few local shows that do happen in the city but hardly anyone has the stomach for grind. The local scene lacks momentum, festivals happen and then things go silent. Garage Jam saved Rip Off which was the only regular gig platform in Bangalore, happening every Friday, Free DIY show! Unfortunately this too has been shut down which is tragic for us and most of the new bands. So to sum it up not much.

Touring first time in Nepal as RipOff which cities come around are you terrorizing ?

Pokhara, Kathmandu, Hetauda, Dharan !

What has Rip Off planned as we head into 2016 ?

We are too excited waiting for September to think about the future, we have plans for a full length and songs are coming along really well, that’s all we can say for now. Its really difficult to have any expectation with the shitty lives that we have to lead here in this City. We hope for the best.

Little bit of Rapid Fire round, haha.
Fav bacon dealer or Butcher shop ? Butcher Shop duh!

Fav Indian mainstream band? Anu Malik and the Chronicles,

Who sucks more Porn star or Semen Dealer ? Semen Dealer

Weed or Groupies? Groupies who have weed!!!

Grindcore or a shot at Bollywood ? Worst Question EvEr!

What do you think of scene here in Nepal might welcome you with ? Any shout-out before hand?

We already feel so welcome, we are looking forward to meeting so many of our known friends and then some more. Its really a first and a dream for all of us to be able to pull off something like this, we hope it will be a lasting memory for many people.

Too many people to name, everyone has supported and encouraged us a lot, we are overwhelmed. Funny Story we have more listeners and downloaders from Nepal than even from our home city Bangalore. #ripofforfuckoff

Nikhil Maskey

Listen to Rip Off’s live EP DSH here:


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