Attention Drummers!! A very useful Drum Clinic and Workshop Program featuring the human Drum Machine ‘Jay Ram‘ and another Drum Wiz ‘Jason Awale‘ is coming to your cities in August. Check your city dates :

August 7: Kathmandu
August: 23: Pokhara
August: 28: Butwal
August: 30: Hetauda
September 2: Dharan

The INTENTION of doing this tour is to motivate drummers to push themselves beyond their limits, to see many new talented faces, to share our knowledge and experience which we have gained in all these years  and to help drummers in the most possible way we can‘ explains Jay. He further adds ‘Jason Awale frrom the band Asphyxiate is travelling with me and contributing his knowledge on Repairing and Maintaining drums and Drums Gears!

So we guess this tour will be very useful for every drummers. Not only you will get chances to see two awesome drummers, but you will also be able to know new many useful tips and techniques to repair and maintain your drums and its gears.

Download Workshop Summary HERE.

Download Application Form HERE. (Application are necessary if you want workshop certificate)

See Jay Ram playing here:

See Jason play here:


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