Vishal Rai needs no introduction to the Nepalese Extreme Undergound Scene. The front-man of the already legendary grinders WakkThuu, it’s safe to say that Vishal has shaped the extreme metal scene in Nepal on the whole. He has also done a significant number of shows and is one among the brains behind the premier extreme underground fest here in Kathmandu, Nepal; Nepal DeathFest. He is also one the founding member of the Nepalese extreme underground group (Extreme Undergound Society of Nepal or EUMSN) which in itself has created sort of an uproar in the extreme underground scene in Nepal with sister groups coming up in every city in Nepal.

Our man Pramod caught up with Vishal to ask him about what the upcoming Nepal DeathFest 2016 is going to be like and what the future holds for WakkThuu, EUMSN and the extreme metal scene in general.

Hey Vishal, how are you doing? You are one of the pioneers of the extreme underground scene in Nepal, how has your journey been so far and when did it start?
Vishal : Like always, I am doing good and preparing events. Don’t you think the word pioneer sucks. It doesn’t have value to me. Ok, there are people who deserve this word too. But, in today’s context every little fuck here today is legend or pioneer because, they are playing in a band or attending shows for years. “Pioneer” and “Legend” is like a cheap orgasm today, this’s why people and bands today tags themselves with these words to find pleasure. If we look down and study carefully then what does this really mean? It means nothing to a man of honor and dignity, you are passionate about this thing, you are die hard metal fan, that’s why you are in a band and attending shows. So which angle makes you pioneer and legend? You are only doing thing which you love. Well! There are some who’s names deserves to be tagged with these words but, not everyone. It’s an insult, it’s a shameless tags in use to create hype and exploit new metal heads.

The journey of Eumsn started back in 2012 and from there to here, it’s all so good. One sickest and most unforgettable moment are attached within this journey. Also, I met lots of good people, good bands, and good crowd and got to know some real people who has a better taste in music and wants to take Nepali Underground to another level of success. Overall, It’s all so good and proud feeling to be a part of Eumsn.10991344_625923857534907_7434315687974583908_n

• Tell us something about how WakkThuu came to be and how it makes you feel now that the band is on a hiatus after such an eventful existence that made such an impact on so many. Any plans of getting back together, you have mentioned it a few times as well, so do tell us more. As a fan myself, I am eagerly waiting the return.
Vishal – WakkThuu was formed in 2012 just to piss regular people and their ideology and thoughts. We wanted to make them angry and we made them think about their beliefs and style. We wanted to hurt them with our thoughts so they will act like a mama’s boy and bring a word “WakkThuu” in their mouth. We wanted them to react to our actions which we accomplished easily. Ha Ha

WakkThuu already stated that we are no more active but, still today we get calls and invitations from different shows around the country and outside of border too. These things are like a temptation to me because, I really miss having myself on stage and saying “fuck off” from that stage is the one cool thing that I appreciate about myself a lot. No Doubt, WakkThuu can come back anytime. We are talking about this but, still my mind is not ready to do WakkThuu again and I guess it’s same with other members too. We will come back but, don’t know when? but, we are coming back and this is sure.

• What are the different gigs that you have done, tell us more about how you started and what are the problems you face doing gigs regularly as you have? Which show has been the best one for you so far?
Vishal – Oh, there are so many gigs Eumsn has done under the super vision of mine. Like Brutal Lunch Box, Extreme Tour, Sick Fest etc. are worth mentioning. I started my first show Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 1 in a small room at Jamsthan with few local bands and till today, that’s the best one so far.
Regular issues are easy thing to solved and as a band and crowd, everyone is aware of this. There’s no doubt every organizers faces a issues when organizing a show. But, mine was little different in initial days of Eumsn. I was in the middle of those people who wanted me out. Anyway, it was my choice and people like me always make a choice that will not go smoothly. All i could say to myself that time was, do it because this is fucking hard and these are those real days of yours which is going to be the best part of your biography.

• How did Nepal DeathFest come to be? The upcoming edition of the fest seems to be the heaviest one yet and it’s getting heavier every year. How has the response been from Nepal and elsewhere?
Vishal – During Pokhara tour in 2013, Zivon Da (Brutal Pokhara) first mentioned about this fest and together we started this in 2014. Yes, the NDF 2016 is going to be heavier and well organized too. We did some mistakes in our previous editions but we learnt from it and we know how to prevent those mistakes now. We are ready and so strong now that we can make this edition the most memorable and sickest one. We have a strong and good team who is really passionate about bringing the best result.

NDF is becoming global disease and every bands priority too. The responses till now are so fair and good. It’s really exciting to see bands queuing up for next edition already. We are getting a good amount of messages from bands and crowds. Over all, we are excited to have NDF so the bands and crowd are too and this is what excites us more.


• How is the grind and punk scene in Nepal? Hardly anyone knows that punk has been in Nepal for a long time, can you please tell us more about this?
Vishal – Punk was here from long time back and I guess punk culture of Nepal is well known in all over the world because, I have met so many people who are aware of punk bands of Nepal. They have been here, they have played shows and they have bought bands cdsmerchs etc.
Grindcore is the new found religion in Nepal and I don’t want WakkThuu to take all the credit. But, I can proudly say WakkThuu’s the one who put Grindcore in Nepal’s map. Since WakkThuu came into existence, lots of young people started to follow this genre from around the country. They really got our sub conscious messages in our song. Today, there are so many grindcore fans and bands here, it’s hard to mention all of their names and I swear, every city has at least one grindcore band now.

• What can we expect from 2016, it’s certainly off to a big start with Nepal DeathFest 2016 and it looks like you have another tour on the cards soon as well?
Vishal – 2016 we are kicking off with Nepal Deathfest which already has so many good bands in line up. People should not miss this edition.:) If you then your son gonna piss on your grave lol. After then we have Valentine Massacre from Massacre Events in February, this is the 4th edition and this fest will see a one of the greatest kvlt band to exist till date and lots more to come as the year goes on.
Underground Infamy Tour 2016 is taking place around March and this is going to be one of the longest and heaviest tour ever to come out from Nepal. This tour will invade those cities of Nepal which has never seen metal fest before also it’s going to cross the border too.
Beside, there are so many regular fest that’s taking place in Pokhara, Hetauda, Kathmandu and Dharan.
• What are some of your favorite moments from the Nepalese Extreme underground so far for you? Your best shows that you played and the best ones you have seen?
Vishal – There are so many memorable moments from Eumsn like, the first edition of Brutal Lunch Box. It was held at Jamsthan with no crowd. Only the band members were there. When one band was playing other band members were moshing with their guts out.The mosh vibe was so intense that when Fall was playing the crowd went to pull off their pants and they started naked mosh. This is my fave moment from Eusmn.

Second thing I like most about Eumsn is, it’s the people out their who are making their own Eumsn hoods and patches, shirts etc. When I see those things it really motivates me a lot.

NDF 2016

• Thanks for taking time out for this! Lastly if there is anything you would like to say, it’s your space!!
Vishal – There are so many things I want to tell because, people sucks. But, I will keep it short. Come to Nepal Deathfest 2016 and have fun with us. Till then spread the news of NDF 2016, invite your friends, treat them with NDF tickets, merchs etc.
If you had enough with society and life then NDF 2016 is the rightful event where you should come and hangout.
Lastly, do not ever and never trust in fake people. First, they will come to shake your hands, then they will take your favors and they will drink from your bottle and after that they will rape your mother. You want this tragedy in your life?

-Pramod Hingmang


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