197171_299498426823018_809935134_nGrossty is without a doubt, one of the most unpredictable and fun grindcore acts from India. Based in Bangalore these guys are the most fun to hang out with and even more fun to mosh for. Grossty delivers a unique brand of grind and punk which never fails to break out into a wild mosh and injuries at a Grossty show are a must if you know what I mean. They have had a few lineup changes recently and are also due with a full length to be released by Transcending Obscurity soon. We caught up with the boys to shoot a few questions as to what nastiness they are brewing lately.


  • Hey boys, how are you all doing? Tell us about what’s going on now days with you guys?

Same stuff, just different pyramid of feces mate. Just jamming and composing some new stuff.

  • How exactly was Grossty conceived? What are some of the major bands/acts that have been a major influence on you guys?

It was randomly conceived. Cripple Bastards, Birdflesh and GG.

  • Your song titles stand out! What are you smoking or drinking to come up with such catchy, perverted and well gross and nasty song titles? How do you write your music?

Cheap rated weed, toddy etc. We just come up with random titles. The usual way mate. Guitarist comes up with riffs, jams with drummer, Vocalist figures out patterns and pens down doodles accordingly.

  • When can we expect you to drop the full length on us? We have all been waiting eagerly for that.

Full length has been at the pre cum stage for ages and will soon be ejaculated. Mastering is being done.

  • You have had a second change in the lineup in a short time, what do we expect from the new lineup?

Yeah, Bad Influence (our main vox) quit cuz He was dreary. Now We are 4 piece and our tracks got oodles of gang shouts and hardcore stuff.

  • Any shows coming up? Tell us more about your city and other bands there??

We are playing in another 3 days in a tiny garage gig which is gonna be kickfuckingbuttocks. Google renders shit loads of info about Bangalore than us. Regarding bands, We are avid in very few like Abolish Mornings (powerviolence), Xrepeatx (grindcore), Nauseate, Instigate and Piss. Rest – no effing clue.


  • What are your plans for 2016? Do you have any plans for a tour?

Just excrete the full length and play random gigs. V actually don’t fucking plan anything except Nepal tour. We are so fucking intrigued to tour Nepal cuz u guys are the most sublime pimps in the biz of grind brothel.

  • What are the other projects that you guys are involved with?

Abolish Mornings – Powerviolence

Xrepeatx – Grindcore

Scally – Hardcore punk

Brusque – Black metal

  • Do you have anything to say to anyone, here is the space!! Thanks n keep grinding!

Sincere gratefulness from the bottom of ourdried mucus bazookas.

Pramod Hingmang


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