There is a great Death tribute that is taking place in Bangladesh on Jan 8th, 2016. We caught up with the organizers and here is what they have to say about the event:

Scream Bloody Death is Death tribute gig comprising of 21 musicians from different metal bands of Bangladesh. The musicians are divided into 4 supergroups. They will be performing 17 songs from all 7 albums. The gig will be held at National Library Auditorium, Dhaka on 8th of Jan,2016. Some of the motives behind this gig is to preach good music to the metalheads, preach the legacy of Death with all of their albums, not any particular era of theirs. We have already announced our guitarists and vocalists..Rest are to be announced soon.

The gig is being organized by Bangladesh Metal Alliance, an organization of three individuals; Muktadir Anzan, Nabil Rahman, Mujtaba Nurul Hamim. BMA was founded back in 2013 and we have put up 4 successful gigs so far.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/933065560097518/


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