Deathforege.jpgWe are absolutely pleased to premiere India’s DeathForge‘s single ‘Leaving Material World’ to the world taken from their soon to be released conceptual EP ‘Amputated and Amalgamated’ (see link below).

DeathForge is a 4 piece Indian Tech-Death Metal band formed in 2012 and consists of  Varun “Rust Hammer ” Sharma – Vocals, Jayram Karki – Drums, Mike Poggione (of Monstrosity etc) – Bass and  Akshay G Ramuhalli – All guitars.

The band explains the content of the song as  “Leaving Material World is the 4 th in the series of the concept EP Amputated and Amalgamated (releasing soon). It is when the body is breached by the alien being and the mind of the host is leaving it’s primal state of humanity and is moving forward to a different dimension. We wanted to portray this transformation of the intricate designs happening inside the head through this song. The structure of the song narrates the interaction between the human and alien form. The action and reaction of the attack- resistance and revolt is tried to be captured here with the composition.”

Listen to ‘Leaving Material World’ here:



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