Defiled has been the definite figure and sound for Japanese Death Metal for decades now. Considered by Death Metal purist as one of the greatest band to come out of Japan, the band is now all set to conquer Nepal at Nepal Deathfest on Jan 9 (will also be playing at Mass Defilement in Pokhara […]

Nepalese Brutal Slam Death Metallers Calamitian have exclusively released their debut single ‘Source Gobbling Monstrosity’ via DSU, which you can listen (watch) below.   The band consists of: Rozan Poon-Vocals Sumit Lamsal – Guitars Rajat Poudel – Drums Check out the band on facebook here: CALAMITIAN. Check out ‘Source Gobbling Monstrosity’ here:

‘Slaves to the Graves’ will be the final album by the legendary and considered by many Thrash purists world over, the greatest ‘Thrash’ band the world has ever seen; RIGOR MORTIS. Formed in the year 1983 in Arlington, Texas the band is considered to have  virtually created the underground metal scene there and with their very less […]

Band: Imperial Cult From: India Genre: Blackened Death Album: Rise of Yalambar Label: Unsigned Released: July 2014 Rating: 8/10 Find the band here: IMPERIAL CULT   ‘Rise of Yalamber’ comes from the maw of the queen of the hills that is known to produce the elitist of musicians over the extended period of time but when […]

Band: Aposento Album: Aposento Genre: Death Metal From: Spain Label: Xtreem Music Aposento is a Spanish Death Metal band from the early ‘90s. Unfortunately the band couldn’t release any full length albums back in the day and broke up. Nonetheless, the band released a couple of demos, and upon reuniting, a couple of EPs as […]

Band: Enthroned From: Belgium Genre: Black Metal Album: Sovereigns Label: Agonia Records Released: April 2014 Web: ENTHRONED are the old hands of the Belgium Black Metal and probably, also, one of the most controversial bands in this respective genre. The band will release in April 2014 their, by now, tenth studio album which is […]

Band: Rahu From: Finland Album: The Quest For The Vajra Of Shadows VÖ: 18.04.2014 Genre: Black Metal Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions Tracklist: 1.Ordeal Of X 2.Samudra Manthan 3.Kalas Bleed For The Sun-Eater 4.The Serpent King 5.Sceptre Of The Auspicious One   The Finnish duo RAHU has just released their first full-length cd called “The Quest […]

Band: Puteraeon From: Sweden Album: The Crawling Chaos VÖ: 25.04.2014 Genre: Old School Death Metal Label: Cyclone Empire Website:   The Swedes PUTERAEON are here again and in April 2014, they have released their latest album called “The Crawling Chaos“ via Cyclone Empire. These gents celebrates Death Metal. The listener gets here what […]

NUNSLAUGHTER is one band that will always have a special place in my heart. They never had an uber successful album nor  they play sold out stadium concerts but one thing that they have done better than most of the greatest bands of all time is that they have stick themselves  to their roots of […]

The incredible ICUMBLOOD recently caught up with the Bulgarian Death Metaller ENTHRALLMENT to discuss their fourth studio album ‘The Voice of Human Perversity’. Here’ show it went:   Welcome to the pages of DSU/Extreminal!As a starter – introduce your band to our readers ? Plamen Bakardzhiev: We are Enhtrallment from Bulgaria and we have been […]