The lone Death Metal flag bearer of the hills ‘OBLITERATING VORTEX’ is on a rise and have, now, declared their gruesome arrival, , more than ever, with the release of their debut ep ‘MACHINEUROTIC’ admit rave reviews from the listeners. Our man, the ever cool, Nikhil caught up with the band to discuss their ep, Nepal Tour and few more. 


To begin with, Congratulations on your new EP ‘Machineutoric’ release, What are the feedback by now?10170860_843756402379428_617943084900551251_n
Thank you ! and we would also like to take the opportunity to thank Brutal Pokhara itself for this interview as well as always being there for us . Actually we got a lot more response than we had expected . The fact that even people who don’t listen to metal in general bought the EP did prove that there was a good response to the release and people here are always supportive of local events . Of course ! the usual loyal fraternity was there as always, and we would like to thank them from here too for buying … coming up from the fact that this was even without putting up the release for sale on-line, or in other places, I would say people have been very kind .

Who did the artwork for this release? What’s happening on the cover ?
The credit for the art-work goes to Sandeep Maaden Limbu Da of Da Primitive Future and Garbage Productions . The cover can be interpreted as man having become a machine and neurotic at the same time by becoming over-dependent on technology and having become a sort of a machine himself, losing his human-side of emotions and empathy in the bargain, except for the instinct of survival magnified to the excess of becoming neurotic, or as void of space where space-stations in orbit glare back at it’s masters-turning-unknowingly-into-it’s-slaves who are half-machines and neurotic themselves … that was our interpretation of the cover, but then every-one is open to portray what it is trying to say through their own imaginations too .

Tell me about how the recording process for this album went and where you recorded the tracks.
The fact that we had been playing gigs as much as we could get, but were still not able to break into those portions of music-heads who couldn’t watch us live was one of the factors and necessities that led to the release of the EP . December,2014, we entered the studio to track the drums . Come February this year and we recorded Sailu’s side of the guitar and Abhishek’s bass . Aditya’s side was recorded in mid-March, and the vocals in April . They were recorded at Sandeep Da’s Garbage Production Studios . Let us further add the immense contribution and co-opreation that Sandeep Da himself put in the recording of the EP . He is really a very cool guy to work with .


What made you choose this name for the band and what drove you to create technical death metal ?
The name was suggested by a friend of the band . We started jamming to the bands we had/have been listening to over the years and while doing so, we started thinking if we could add our own imaginations and productivity to it and came up with results . So it was also an instance of the band’s name coming into existence after people observed what kind of music and direction we were heading to/creating .

Contrary to most of the Indian Metal bands, OV sounds more European/American Death Metal influenced. What made you sound different from your country’s comrades ?
We are very much humbled by the various definitions every-one comes up about the music we produce . We don’t really think or be conscious per se as to what or whom we sound like, European/American or any other sound that are in the catalogues … just like the cover art, we are open to what listeners and musicians label us as/into, as long as we can keep them happy, and try to live up to expectations.

OV’s near-future chances on getting hooked-up with a record-label ?
The band has been on the look-out for record deals, and we will make it public as soon as something fruitful turns up .

 I’m going to ask you a “Where are they now” question. What have the past members of OV became ? Are you still plugged in with them ?
They are here … just that they all had/have obligations due to which they couldn’t carry on with us . But yes, we are mostly in touch, reliving the “good old days”, so to put it .


Are there some good Indian metal bands that got un-noticed and you’d advise to check out for our readers ?
All bands are good in their own spheres, and basically the ones we are going to mention like Sycorax, , Imperial Cult, Corpulent Deformity, Cranial Carnage, If Hope Dies,Point Blank Range from Kolkatta, Yuthak Wah, Necrodeity, Jammers’ Graveyard, Sot Recho, Confuzone are already known or catching people’s attention.

Touring around Nepal again this August and September any words for the fans and support networks ?

We have always had a very supportive and good response from Nepal, all places for which we owe the fans a lot . We owe a huge gratefulness to, and with a capital “H” to all the metal-promoters from Nepal like Brutal Pokhara, EUMSN-BONES, SNRMB-Nepal, etc . Do come up to the gigs that are coming –up and buy our CD’s … we know you will always be there, like you have always been, and a huge heart-felt thanks for that ! We are really chuffed-up as well as grateful to the organizers for giving us this opportunity to share stage with death metal’s legendary mongers Funerus, and we hope to see you there !



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